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On 12/07/93 at 12:29:32 Andy Latto said:

The antipodal position is an interesting one. If you take the antipodal
position, and flip all the edges, you get:


Antipodal with edges flipped.

This looks like a rotation of the solved state at first glance, since
all the faces on a given side of the cube are the same color. But
look again! This is not the solved state of the original cube, but
of the mirror image cube. If you added in the centers or the corners,
there would be no way to add them to make this a solved state.

Indeed. I spoke too quickly when I said the antipodal was simply
Start with the edges flipped. I stared at it, flipped the edges in
my mind, and it "looked" solved, so I assumed it was Start.

I am not yet for sure what they look like, but of the other two states
with order-24 equivalence classes, one is at level 9 and the other
is at level 12. Since the only one at an even level is at level 12,
I am assuming that will be the one which is Start with the edges all
flipped. The one at level 9 will probably be the mirror image of Start.

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