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An exhibition of "MAZES and PUZZLES" opens May 27 and closes Sept.5 at the
Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. It includes a "people maze", 80
hands-on mechanical puzzles of many types to challenge visitors and 640
mechanical puzzles of all types and ages that are displayed in 21 cases.
I will send a flyer with details to anyone upon request.

A Directory of Puzzle Collectors (232), Mail Order puzzle sellers (96), Puzzle
periodicals (6), and Retail puzzle stores (147), worldwide, has just been
published by the non-profit Slocum Puzzle Foundation. Is is available for $10.

The Slocum Puzzle Foundation

The Slocum Puzzle Foundation was established on August 10, 1993 as a nonprofit
public benefit Corporation. It has been approved by the State of California
and the U.S. Government as a charitable and educational Foundation.

The purpose of the Foundation is to educate the public on puzzles, their
history, development, and use in various cultures of the world. The
Foundation will actively support the use of puzzles for education.

The Foundation will educate the public on puzzles through:

Puzzle exhibitions at museums, libraries, universities, and primary and
secondary schools, with emphasis on interactive, hands-on puzzles.

Publication of books, compendiums, and research papers on puzzles, and a
Directory of puzzle collectors.

Supporting and encouraging study and research of the history, development, and
use of puzzles in various cultures of the world.

Supporting and encouraging communication among puzzle experts, educators,
historians, and the public.

Building and maintaining a collection of puzzles and a library to support
these activities and to be available for puzzle exhibitions, education,
research and study.

The first project of the Foundation is to support a Maze and Puzzle exhibition
at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois.

The Directory is the first publication of the Slocum Puzzle Foundation.

We are interested in suggestions of projects to support exhibitions,
publications, research and educational activities.

We would welcome volunteers to help with the activities of the Foundation.

We would welcome donations of puzzles and puzzle literature and financial

All gifts are deductible from California and Federal income taxes.

Jerry Slocum
Address: 257 South Palm Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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