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>>>>> "hoey" == hoey <hoey@AIC.NRL.Navy.Mil> writes:
hoey> When we take account of the internal cubies I call it the
hoey> "Theoretical Invisible cube", described in my Invisible
hoey> Revenge article 9 August 1982. A solution method is given
hoey> in
hoey> Eidswick, J. A., "Cubelike Puzzles -- What Are They
hoey> and How Do You Solve Them?", 'American Mathematical
hoey> Monthly', Vol. 93, #3, March 1986, pp. 157-176.

Thanks for the references. I haven't seen Eidswick's paper yet,
but will check it out.

hoey> As for counting the positions, I haven't got around to
hoey> checking the numbers in "Groups of the larger cubes", 24 Jun
hoey> 1987. You might want to see how they compare to yours.

I just did, and for the specific case that I describe (which is "s:
Supergroup, i: theoretical invisible group") the formulas are exactly
the same. I didn't consider nearly the range of alternatives discussed
in that article, but its nevertheless nice to see a confirmation of
the results.


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