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~~~ ~~~ [up] From: Keith Gregory <keith@nwwtdi.demon.co.uk >
~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: Octahedra and tetrahedra

I have recently been solving a simulation of an octahedral rubiks cube
type puzzle (an octahedron which twists through planes parallel to the
faces). Does anyone know if mechanical versions of such a puzzle exist?
The Skewb is clearly an example of an octahedral puzzle mapped onto a
cube so mechanically it must be possible to manufacture one with 2
triangles on each edge. However I would really like one with 3 or 4 on
each edge. My investigations suggest that, like the cube, if you can
solve a one with 4 on each edge you must have the right techniques for
solving on with 5,6,7,8,9 or 10 along each edge (if you have the
patience). Is there anyone else interested in octahedral puzzles?

Similarly does anyone know if there is a mechanical version of a
tetrahedral puzzle with 4 triangles on each edge rather than the
standard 3?

Keith Gregory

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