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Kimmo Eriksson is a 14 year old computer fan who lives in Stockholm.
As mentioned, he solved a series of 10 cubes in 47-61 s, average 52,
using 70-120 moves, average 95 (half-turns and slices counted as one).

* He always starts with the WHOLE yellow layer (regardless of ini-
tial state, probably because the regularity allows faster reflexes)
* Then the middle layer (betw. yellow and white)
* Then all top-corners into place, then into correct orientation.
* Finally turn and move the top-edges (requires 0-3 macro-moves).

He keeps strictly to this scheme, but uses a large set of macros,
that are different longer varities of the following basic five:
For middle: RUR'U'F'U'F
Move corner: RU'L'UR'U'LU
Turn corner: RUR'URU2R'U2
Move edge: MU2M'UMU2M'UMU2M' (M moves the Mid-line of the Bottom
Move and turn edge:MUM'U2MUM' up Front, ie = LR' )

For timing, he starts a stopwatch, grabs the cube, solves it
- while watching (easy) the watch during the last macro in order to
read off the time exactly as the last macro is completed.
After re-mixing the cube, the procedure is repeated (10 times).

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