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I'll start with a small correction:

I wrote on Mon, 3 Jul 1995 14:53:00
> Patterns in the Anti-Slice Group
> --------------------------------
> p4   8 flip (Op sides)  (R1 L1 U1 D1 F1 B1) ^2                    (12)
> p10a pons asinorum      (L3 R1 U3 D1)^3                           (12)
> p16a 4 cross order 2     F1 B1 U1 D1 L2 R2 U1 D1 F1 B1 U2 D2      (12)
> p17  4 diagonal         (F1 B1 R1 L1) ^3                          (12)
> p18a 4 diagonal,2 cross (F1 B1 R3 L3) ^3                          (12)
> p22  2 DOT, 2 Stripe     R1 L1 U2 D2 R3 L3                         (6)
> p64a 4 Z                 F1 B1 L3 R3 F1 B1 L1 R1 F3 B3 L1 R1      (12)
> p143 Pinwheels           F1 B1 L1 R1 F3 B3 U3 D3 L1 R1 U1 D1      (12)
> p175a 6 H order 2        U3 D3 L3 R3 F2 B2 U2 D2 L3 R3 U1 D1      (12)
> p198a 2 X, 4 Diag no C   L1 R1 F1 B1 L3 R3 F3 B3 L1 R1 F1 B1      (12)
> p201 Pinwheels + Pons    L1 R1 F3 B3 L1 R1 U3 D3 F1 B1 U3 D3      (12)
> p201 is a quite interesting position.

The reference to p201 is incorrect. It should read:

p175a is a quite interesting position.

The square's group equivalent is no shorter in q turns:

p175 6 H order 2 type 2  U2 B2 L2 U2 D2 L2 F2 U2                   (8)

Note that p201 = |{m'Xm}|=2 and |Symm(X)|=24.

Someone also edited my original entry and changed all the T's to U's
which is more consistent and standard.

In addition.....

Dan Hoey wrote on Fri, 28 Oct 94 11:38:15 EDT
> But there's another reason. Remember the annoying feature that the
> color assignments to faces were never standardized? The first cube I
> bought had red opposite yellow, blue opposite white, and orange
> opposite green (I think). Even though in later days most cubes are
> manufactured with opposite faces ``differing by yellow''--red opposite
> orange, blue opposite green, and yellow opposite white--there does not
> seem to be a standard for the handedness of the coloring. This has
> long been a problem on cube-lovers, where everyone .......

There was a standard in the cube contests.

The original Ideal colour arrangement was the tournament standard in
the U.S. and Canada.

Top=White, Down=Blue, Left=Red, Right=Orange, Front=Yellow, Back=Green

-> Mark <-

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