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Well, I never did manage to contact Minh Thai and Jeff Varasano.

I was the sole prize-winning Canadian in the US contests (the 2nd one).

Unfortunately, that was not really allowed by the rules so the feat

was never recorded in the Ideal newsletters, though I still have my

medal from Sept. 28, 1981 from Buffalo New York.

My time was around 38 seconds... although I did improve after that a bit.

There are other people from the cube contests that are on the internet:

Myself, Chris Pelley, Robert Jen....

I was never sure if Mike Reid of Cube-Lovers was the same Mike Reid in the

cube contests...

I was in the Canadian contests too, although no prizes there. I did get

a yellow certificate for making to the final round (under a minute).

I went to London and Toronto Ontario.

Erno Rubik was at the Canadian Championships at the Ontario Science Centre.

Ron Lancaster was also a judge, and Stewart Sims from Ideal Toy was there.

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