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-> goes. No problem! Rotate the whole cube so TOP becomes BACK then
-> BACK becomes DOWN, and finally FRONT becomes RIGHT. Simply repeat
-> the process p7a and your reputation as a cube expert is saved. ;->
-> The faces FRONT and BACK are opposite each other. After your
-> rotation, they become RIGHT and DOWN, which are not opposite each
-> other. This would certainly establish a reputation for you, but if
-> you did it with my cube, it might not be the sort of reputation you
-> wanted to have :-)
-> Andy Latto
-> andyl@harlequin.com

Perhaps my description of the rotations was unclear...

Rotate the entire cube so that TOP -> DOWN
                               FRONT -> LEFT

Ok, before I meant rotate the cube in space in 3 steps so
that the TOP face becomes BACK, then the face that is the
BACK at this point becomes DOWN, and the face that is the
FRONT at this point becomes the RIGHT.

The reason I used this type of description is because there
are multiple ways for the TOP to become the DOWN face....

TOP becomes BACK becomes DOWN and
TOP becomes RIGHT becomes DOWN and
TOP becomes LEFT becomes DOWN etc...

Perhaps it is better to use the form
old FACE A -> new FACE A
old FACE B -> new FACE B

Where the faces A & B are adjacent.

Email: mark.longridge@canrem.com

....wait a second, I don't think faces A & B have to be
adjacent for the rotation to be unambiguous. Any 2 faces
should do!

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