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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: Dino Cubes Revisited

As I mentioned recently:

The original Ideal colour arrangement was the tournament standard in
the U.S. and Canada.

Top =White, Down =Blue
Left =Red, Right=Orange
Front=Yellow, Back =Green

Dan Hoey mentions:
> manufactured with opposite faces ``differing by yellow''--red opposite
> orange, blue opposite green, and yellow opposite white--

The ``differing by yellow'' colouring was pretty common on those
"Wonderful Puzzlers".

The only difference in original Ideal cubes colouring and the
Wonderful Puzzlers colouring is that Blue and Yellow are transposed.

I just the 3 Dino Cubes I ordered from Gametrends.
More new cubes!

There are 3 different kinds:

A) Each of the 6 faces of the cube is a unique solid colour.
B) Each of the 6 faces of the cube is a unique solid colour with four
dinosaurs (six different dinos, 1 kind for each face)
C) Each of the 4 tetrads is a unique colour.

The Dino colouring is: (Just like the puzzlers)

TOP =White, DOWN =Yellow
LEFT =Red, RIGHT=Orange
FRONT=Blue, BACK =Green

The packaging is a small white cardboard box devoid of any
trademarks. The name on the box is "Dinosaur Rubik's Cube".

All the regulars on cube-lovers will make mincemeat of this puzzle,
and the 4 colour version is easier still! The mechanism is
quite good (nice and smooth) and it is a good puzzle to have.

The 6 colour version has 19,958,400 combinations.
The 4 colour version has only 42,600 combinations.

-> Mark <-

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