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~~~ [prev] [up] From: Michael Benjamin Parker <mbparker@share.cytex.com >
~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: PUZZLE PARTY 3 TOMORROW!, 7pm (in Orange County, CA)


"A box without hinges, a lock or a lid,
Yet golden treasure inside is hid."

>Answer this riddle and in you'll be,
>challenges await at Puzzle Party 3.

Arrive at 7, and stay until late,
August 19th, that's the date!

Bring your brain teasers, mechanical puzzles and mental games, and prepare
yourself to have an incredibly good time with like-minded puzzle gurus. Only
those seeking a warm and friendly atmosphere, puzzle challenges galore, and an
evening of good times need to enter the door. Home-cooked hamburgers,
hot-dogs, and plenty of snacks and refreshments provided.

This one is sponsored by a member of the Orange County Mensa Chapter, so both
MITCSC and MENSA will be there!

WHEN: Saturday, 1995 August 19th, 7pm until...

WHERE: 11382 Fredrick Drive, Garden Grove, CA (near 22, 57 and 5 freeways).
       FROM 57 or 5 FWY: exit WEST on CHAPMAN; PASS HARBOR; turn SOUTH/LEFT 
            on 9TH then first RIGHT (WEST) onto FREDRICK DRIVE.
       FROM 22 FWY: exit NORTH on HARBOR; turn WEST/RIGHT on CHAPMAN, turn 
            SOUTH/RIGHT on 9TH then first RIGHT (WEST) onto FREDRICK DRIVE.

COST:	$4      Members & Guests with puzzles
$6  Non-Members & Guests with puzzles
$8      Members & Guests w/o  puzzles
$10 Non-Members & Guests w/o  puzzles

RSVP: You may pay at the door, but please try to contact me beforehand so
I can put you on the list. Please email, fax, or phone the following
info: Your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE, FAX, EMAIL, and what you're bringing:

___ puzzle-bearing     members at $ 4 each: $___
___ puzzle-bearing non-members at $ 6 each: $___
___ puzzle-less        members at $ 8 each: $___
___ puzzle-less    non-members at $10 each: $___
___ <- total persons          total cost -> $___
   total number of puzzles being brought ___
SPONSOR: marti hitchcock, member of Orange County Mensa
         email mlhitch@cytex.com, fax 714-750-4344
         11382 Fredrick Dr., Garden Grove, CA 92640
         day 714-750-4333, eve 714-530-7605

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