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My description of the checkerboard pattern was clearly
inadequate, due to haste and the fact that my cube was "borrowed"
and scrambled before I had a chance to see precisely what was
going on.
The pattern in question is formed from Crux Plummeri by
applying the "Pons Asinorum" transformation; from the
resulting almost-checkerboard, a simple "12-squares" transformation
will provide the 6 checkerboards; it isn't hard to inspect
the almost-checkerboard to find a trio of center cubies to
The resulting checkerboards are a completely interlocked
set. In the following unfolded cube, A/B means that the center
and corners are color A, and the edges are color B.

C/A    B/D    D/E    F/C

I don't THINK anyone has mentioned this pattern; the checkerboard
pattern mentioned by Greenberg consists of two cycles of three colors
each, something like

B/C   C/A    D/E   E/F

although I may have the handedness wrong.


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