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[next] [prev] [up] From: Mikko Haapanen <hazard@niksula.hut.fi >
[next] ~~~ [up] Subject: Old question about 2 adj edges


I want to ask if somebody can tell me how to flip 2 adj. edges (and nothing
else) in 4x4x4 cube? I have my own formula to do this but i cannot write it
down because i have to discover it every time ;) and i turn whole cube so
many times during it. I remember 39 or 40 turns have been the shortest way
i've seen. What i need is that formula in BFUDLR (or something) language.

I have another question about this mailing list. I have seen many lists
similar to cube-lovers in my .nersrc file. Can i find cube-lovers list
somewhere with my newsreader?

------Mikko Haapanen------hazard@niksula.hut.fi---------
Jos tahto siirtää vuoren, niin tahdon siirtää tahdon
Vuorta siirtämään, että vuoren sisään nään -P.Hanhiniemi

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