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~~~ [prev] [up] Subject: Re: Anyone solved Rubik's Tangle?
On Mon, 14 Mar 1994, Don Woods wrote:

Before I waste my life on this, has anyone solved the problem?

Yes, it's been solved, and discussed at some length on this group.

True. However, the 10*10 solution where you use all the four tangle
puzzles to form a 10*10 pattern with matching edges, has been found to be
impossible( Although the puzzle leaflet says that it is solvable). Once
again there is no 'insightful' solution. Someone has posted that he has
seen an intuitive solution which evades his memory for the time being
but will try to recollect what it was ... reincarnation of Fermat's Last
Problem :). There have been some interesting postings in this group on
this topic in the last few weeks and you should read them .

> However, I haven't seen anyone who claims to have come up
with an
> "insightful" solution, i.e. one in which you figure out a general
> approach that leads to a solution. All solutions I've heard of
> have been found by exhaustive search, often by computer.
> -- Don.

Anand Rao.

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