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[next] [prev] [up] Subject: Re: Description of Tangle, Part 2

Just because no non-brute-force method has been found, does not make this
puzzle any less intersting. As we have been told that there is a
solution, it is exciting to search for one, even by brute force methods.
The real challenge is to find a brute-force method with sufficient insight
to solve the problem within a reasonable time-frame. All the algorithms so
far are exponential. We may never find a linear algorithm for this
problem. The idea is to find one algorithm that can be used in actual
practice. We can then bury this puzzle into the archives, for the next
generation to pick up!
> > (Thanks for the pointers to the Apr 92
> I agree with the concensus expressed in the archives that this puzzle is
> inherently "not that great" because no non-brute-force method has been
> found/seems to exist.
> -Dale
Is this the reason why Rubik has gone into hiding? I haven't seen any
puzzle from him after this set of 4 released in 1990/1991. I tried to
contact the Hong Kong office of Matchbox which gets Rubik's puzzles in
China, but they have closed shop. Matchbox UK said that they have
discontinued this line. If anyone has found another source for Rubik's
puzzles, or discovered anyone else who has taken the responsibility of
giving us sleepless nights, please let me know!

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