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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: Custom Cubes

A couple of days back there was brief discussion of some custom-made cubes
(e.g. all six sides the same color, etc).

Just a couple of additional notes on this point:

Some six or eight years ago MIT museum had a major exhibit of puzzles (I
particularly remember the full-sized tangram tables). In the last room was
a largish display case --the kind of thing your Grandmother displayed her
China in-- filled with an assortment of custom cubes. For example, one
that I remember was one done for Charles and Diane's wedding; pictures of
HRHes on the various faces. (I've not been back to the Museum since, so
I'm afraid I don't know the current status of these, or if they are still
on display.)

Likewise a few years back I had occassion to visit the rare books
collection at Widener library. In the entrance-way there were several
displays (Cotton Mather's Library, a complete set of Jane Austen first
editions, that sort of thing). One shelf had a handful of cubes as
"objets d'art": e.g. a pair of white cube (they looked like ivory, but
surely not) with words written on the various faces. Don't recall the


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