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On 31 May 1996, Wei-Hwa Huang wrote:


der Mouse <mouse@collatz.mcrcim.mcgill.edu> writes:
>In my opinion mechanical designs for the 7 and above will have to be
>fundamentally different from those for the 6 and below, because that's

There's a really simple solution to this. Just don't make the 7 slices
evenly spaced.

> -- 
> Wei-Hwa Huang, whuang@cco.caltech.edu, http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~whuang/

Large corner cubies, and rectangular edge pieces to match, when seen
face-on, right?

Has anyone worked out the innards? Perhaps a further extension of the
scheme used for the 5^3? (If so, the retaining "foot" on a corner cubie
would have a truly wondrous shape! The "foot" of a 5^3 is quite

I should have read this earlier; it might have saved bitspace from my
mad electronic/mechanical scheme! :) It would also be quieter...

My best to all,

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