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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: Re: Bela Szalai (was Re: Million dollar cube)

Dan Hoey writes:
>There is some more information in the archives about Bela Szalai
>(Logical Games, Inc), who sold the white-faced cubes in the U.S. after
>seeing the cube in Hungary in 1978. I'm not sure whether he actually
>beat Ideal to the ship date, or what happened to him after the big
>cube bust.

I bought one from him before Ideal's stuff appeared in stores, so I
think he can be considered to have beaten them. However, when he
re-sized the tabs on the cubies so that the cube wouldn't seem ready
to explode, I think Ideal was shipping. I wonder what happened to
him during the cube's other explosion (i.e. popularity) let alone
the bust.

-- Norman Diamond diamond@jrdv04.enet.dec-j.co.jp
[Speaking for Norman Diamond not for Digital.]

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