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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: Singmaster and IBM

Singmaster has as you probably know set up his own company selling
cubes and other puzzles of all shapes and sizes. The latest price-
list includes Rubik's Calendar Cube, a true Executive Toy. The object
is, if I understand it correctly, to get one or more faces displaying
the correct date/month. He also sells Braille cubes,- Ideal cubes
with raised dots. His "Cubic Circular" as mentioned by Stan, is well
worth getting, as it contains alot of interesting information.

A Marketing Consultant from IBM gave me a cube which has IBM4331
printed on all the six center faces and the words: Value,Function,
Support,Reliability,Performance,Productivity on each facie of each
face respectively. The orientation of the IBM 4331 relative to the
other 8 repeated words on each face makes it a supergroup variety.
In my opinion, this cube is the best product to come from IBM in


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