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A.K. Dewdney, Computer Recreations columnist with Scientific
American magazine, has launched a personal programming newsletter,
Algorithm. The new publication is aimed at amateur and professional
programmers alike. It extends the Computer Recreations tradition of
recreational and educational programming projects: the Mandelbrot set,
cellular automata, chaos and dynamics, weird machines, stellar
simulation, puzzles and many other topics.

The new publication carries seven features and will expand to
include more columns. Currently, it includes Algoletter, advice from
professionals; Easy Pieces, fascinating projects for beginning
programmers by Michael Ecker of Creative Computing fame; Personal
Programs, exercises for more advanced programmers by Cliff Pickover,
IBM's computer graphics wizard; Algopuzzles, computer mind-benders by
Dennis Shasha, author of The Puzzling Adventures of Dr. Ecco; Algofact
and Algofiction, invited articles and stories from well-known
scientists and authors. A Bulletin Board advertises hosts of
recreational products by individuals and small companies.

Algorithm puts the "personal" back in "personal computing" by
encouraging you to develop your programming skills while pursuing high
adventure on the frontiers of science and computing. Order a free
examination copy by writing Algorithm at P.O. Box 29237, Westmount
Postal Outlet, 785 Wonderland Road, London, Ontario, Canada N6K 1M6.

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