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[next] ~~~ [up] Subject: 5X5X5 AVAILABILITY
1.  Jerry Slocum
     257 South Palm Drive
     Beverly Hills, CA 90212
has both 5x5x5s and skewbs available for $20 each.

2. Jerry Slocum has also authored a book "Puzzles Old and New, How to make and
Solve Them" which he sells for $22 outside of CA, autographed if requested.
The table of contents is:
chap 1 PUT-TOGETHER PUZZLES - Putting the object together is the puzzle.
chap 2 TAKE-APART PUZZLES - Opening or taking the object apart is the puzzle.
chap 3 INTERLOCKING SOLID PUZZLES - Disassembly and assembly is required to
solve the puzzle.
chap 4 DISENTANGLEMENT PUZZLES - The puzzle is to disentangle and re-entangle
the parts of the puzzle.
chap 5 SEQUENTIAL MOVEMENT PUZZLES - The puzzle is to move parts of the object
to a goal (The cube, et al)
chap 6 PUZZLE VESSELS - Drinking or pouring liquid, or filling the vessels
without spilling is the puzzle.
chap 7 DEXTERITY PUZZLES - Manual dexterity is required to solve the puzzle.
chap 8 VANISH PUZZLES - The puzzle is to explain a vanishing or changing image.
chap 9 IMPOSSIBLE OBJECT PUZZLES - The puzzle is to discover how the object is
chap 10 FOLDING PUZZLES - The puzzle is to achieve a specified gola by folding.

3. Richard Hess
4100 Palos Verdes Dr. East
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90274
has available for sale many of the puzzles from Jerry Slocum's book.

4.  Another book of interest is:
        536 Puzzles & Curious Problems by  Henry Ernest Dudeney,
        1967 by Charles Scribner's Sons
        Library of Congress Catalog Card NUmber 67-15488.

5. There are sources for other variations of the cube, if anybody is interested
I will compile a list.


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