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8/9/88 update
Subj: New RECREATIONS IN MATH editions - Rubik's Cubic Compendium

Rubik's Cubic Compendium, by Erno Rubik, Tamas Varga, Gerzon Keri,
Gyorgy Marx, and Tamas Vekerdy. 240pp; 203 line drawings
OUP#853202-4, list price $26.95.
--> YES ITS AVAILABLE!! I have ordered some copies, and when I
receive them I will write a first hand review. <--

Hype from OUP copy,
> This book co-written by the cube's inventor, and serves as a
> comprehensive guide to the cube for both the puzzler and the
> mathematician. The book reveals the wealth of fascinating
> concealed within the cube's apparently simple operation, and even
> who have solved the cube will discover a vast number of new ideas
> possibilities.

Introduction: The Fascination of Rubik's Cube
1. In Play
2. The Art of Cubing
3. Restoration Methods and Tables of Processes
4. Mathematics
5. The Universe of the Cube
6. My Fingers Remember
7. Afterword

The Oxford U Press Rec Math series (series editor David Singmaster) to
date is:
#1 "Mathematical byways ..." by Hugh ApSimon.
#2: Ins and Outs of Peg Solitaire.
#3: Rubik's Cubic Compendium, by Rubik, et al.
#4 Sliding Piece Puzzles (Hordern).

 TO ORDER:  Send check or credit card info (MASTERCARD OR VISA) to:
        200 MADISON AVE,
        NEW YORK, NY 10016  - 
-- >  ADD $1.50 for shipping

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