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subject : review of "cubism for fun" newsletter issue #21, july 89;
the newsletter of the "dutch cubists club"; in english starting with
issue #14

1.. the table of contents for issue # 21, july 89 follows:

introduction by the editors
membership fee by paul sijben
announcement: cube day 1989; sat 9 dec, voorshoten netherlands
announcement: 10th international puzzle party, details previously
hidden cubes by tony fisher
rubik's cube: a new solution approach by ed hordern
the anver's globe: by arie verveen, a construction of a spherical
magic cross news by anton hanegraaf
pretty magic cross formulas by clemens de brouwer
unicolored cross patterns: by lucien matthijsse
magic cross half-tile 3-cycles by ronald fletterman
frying pan and oskar keys by oskar van deventer
pretty cubic patterns by anneke treep
book review by anton hanegraaf; puzzle in wood by nob yoshigahara,
private publication
news and letters to the editor - jan de geus, valkenboslaan 262a,
2563eb den haag, netherlands is compiling a list of computer
programs for simulating or solving puzzles and games of all kinds,eg,
mostly 2d sequential movement puzzles. he would any assistance.
changes in the list of members -

2. membership for 1989 is us$8. a photocopied set of the
newsletters, issues 1-13, written in dutch (in the future selected
back articles will be available in english) is also available for
us$7. to order either of these send an 'international" postal
money order to: paul sijben, witbreuksweg 397-304, 7522 za enschede,
the netherlands.

3. if anybody would like further details please ask!

cubing is forever peter beck

<beck@ardec-lcss> or <pbeck@ardec>

*   american games fair is scheduled for sept 8,9,10  1989  at the
roosevelt hotel, nyc.   tel # 212/867-5159

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