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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: globe puzzle

GLOBE PUZZLE - I made a mistake. The "Globe Puzzle" is NOT a cube. It looks
like a cube with the edge pieces broken up into its two faces but the corners
are fixed and only the three equators are free to move. It has a metal surface
painted as a globe and each surface area has a dimple. These dimples do not
make it any easier to work the puzzle. It is the same 3" diameter as a cube
ballThe puzzle is made in Hungary.

Thus the globe puzzle is three intersecting rings and appears to be simpler then
the cube. If the corners could move like the cube would that puzzle also be no
more difficult then the cube? Any ideas on how to engineer such a puzzle?

AVAILABLE from:  the nature company
                             pob 2310
                             berkley, ca 94702
                             globe puzzle, cat # 1449, $12.50

peter beck <beck@ardec-lcss.arpa>

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