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[next] [prev] [up] From: Peter Beck <BECK@vax88a.pica.army.mil >
[next] ~~~ [up] Subject: new puzzle ???

I was given a puzzle, new to me, whose name I do not know. It is
magic polyhedra in the shape of a cube. The surface looks like
Yoshi's puzzle when folded, ie, 12 edge wedges going to the center of
the faces. It turns on the corners of the cube, in groups of 3 wedges
at a time. Feels a lot like a skewb but it is not.

The mechanism is analogous to Alexander's Star, ie, on each of the
faces of the core solid there are pyramids fixed to the faces on rods
that are free to turn. This puzzle has an octahedron (equilateral) as
the core solid and and equilateral pyramids. {a paper construction is
very easy to do - make an octahedron and 8 pyramids - use a rubber
band through the apex of the pyramid and through the faces of opposing
octahedron faces to attach the pyramids while allowing them to turn.
the wedges fit between the pyramids. I do not know how to hold them
down but if you join three and sit them over a pyramid you can get the
idea of the puzzle - i think}

1 - does anybody know what this puzzle is called ??
2 - besides this one and Alexander's Star are there other puzzles that
use this type of mechanism ??
3 - If anybody uses this mechanism with a triangular faced hexahedron
or icosahedron as the core solid please let me know or any other solid
for that matter.



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