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I VISITED BY "KAY-BEE" toy store at the mall today.

REPEAT: For those of you who like 3-d assembly puzzles a set of 2 GEO-LOGIC
(TAURUS&CETUS) puzzles for $7 . These puzzles are plastic, and were designed
by Stuart Coffin and manufactured by Skor-Mor (OUT OF BUSINESS). The full
collection of these puzzzles is called the GEO-LOGIC series. They are each made
of 6 identical pieces (different for each puzzle) that can be assemblied into an
interlocking self supporting solid. These puzzles are hard to find. So if
you may be interested don't delay - call up your KAY BEE now.

NEW FOR 1988
GRIPPLE as seen on TV for $10. This is a sequential movement puzzle more
similar to missing link then the cube.

YOSHI'S (shortening of designers name) PUZZLE for $12 from Parker Bros. This
is a re-release of a formerly unbranded item, circa 1982 called miraculous cube.
It is composed of a loop of tetrahedrons taped together to form hinges. Yoshi
designed/invented two puzzles like this. The other is called the Shisei Mystery
and it works like a Rubik's magic with depth.

Mattel has a cube puzzle made up of magnetic cubies called "Magic Force"
I think. not at kay-bee.

The Future is Puzzling,
but Cubing is Forever.

Pete beck <PBECK@ARDEC>

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