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What's UP

- GAMES magazine is sponsoring
in NYC June 24-28; registration forms in
April issue of GAMES, on newsstands march 1

It is called "PYRIX" (retails for $10, 
   I do not have a retail source) and is from: 
   Enpros Novelty Products, Lorentzstraat 2, 
   2912 AH Niewerkerk aan den IJssel,
   The Netherlands -  
   tel 31 (0)1803-19133

DESCRIPTION: The puzzle is an assembly folding
puzzle based on a size 3 tetrahedron. The
tetrahedron is dissected into 3 regular octahedrons
and 11 tetrahedrons (1/3 the size of the original).
These pieces are strung on a thread like a necklace;
an octahedron, 3 tetras, an octahedron, etc except
for one position that has only 2 tetras. The octahedrons
are threaded on the diagonal of their square cross section.
OBJECT: The faces are colored and the object is to not
only assemble a tetra but of course to do it with solid
colored faces, the enclosure says that there are
2 solutions as they have colored and strung the pieces.
PRELIMINARY REVIEW: It took about 1 hour. The puzzle
is awkward to manipulate since it falls apart easily.
Doing it on a flat surface and using tape to hold it
together seems to be the trick.

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