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ANNONCEMENT OF "SLIDE" - A Sliding Block Puzzle Simulation Program

DESCRIPTION: "SLIDE" is a Sliding Block Puzzle Simulation Program
based on the book "Sliding Block Puzzles", by Ed Hordern, 1986 Oxford
University Press. It comes on one 360K floppy with an instruction
booklet. The booklet tells you how to install the program, how to use
it (program does have help files) and how to add your own puzzles. It
is in color and REQUIRES a mouse to move the pieces.

It has all of hordern's puzzles including the background notes for
each, eg, name, producer. The program gives you the minimum number of
moves, the object of the puzzle and a randomized version to test your

The version I have was obtained at the 11th International Puzzle Party
3/30/91 and is mostly bug free. The author is in the process of
updating it and will make updates available at cost (for now anyhow).

I recommend "SLIDE" for everyone with a PC who enjoyed Hordern's

PRICE: 50 dutch Guilders
SOURCE: H.J.M. van Grol (Rik) (the author),
van Hogendorpstraat 1a,
The Netherlands
COMPUTER REQUIREMENTS: MS-DOS machine with one 360K floppy minimum;
can use 1.2 MB and harddisk if available. REQUIRES a mouse. Best
with EGA, okay with VGA, needs user defined configuration for Herc or

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