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~~~ ~~~ [up] From: Preux Philippe <preux@lil.univ-littoral.fr >
[next] ~~~ [up] Subject: I am in search of Thistlewaite's algorithm


As long as I am a new comer to this mailing list, I will briefly
introduce myself. As a computer science researcher, I am working on
evolutionary algorithms trying to assess their ability to solve
combinatorial optimization problems. One of my old dream has been to
solve the Rubik's cube (for the moment, the very basic 3x3x3 version)
with this kind of algorithms. I have heard about the Thistlewaite's
algorithm which is able to solve the problem in less than 50 or so
moves. I have also heard about a publication of D. Singmaster that, among
other things, describes this algorithm. Thus, I am looking for
information about this algorithm: how does it work precisely? I wonder
whether this algorithm, either a description or an implementation of
it, is available somewhere on the net. I would also be interested in
having a copy of D. Singmaster's report (either via ftp or paper).

Can someone help me? Thanks a lot in any case.



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