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[next] [prev] [up] From: Richard Pavelle <rp@XN.LL.MIT.EDU >
~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: Impossible object puzzle

A "former friend" of a "former friend" passed on to me a puzzle which
appears to be impossible to solve. I do not know its name nor who
makes it. It is also hard to describe but here goes: It is a clear box
about (1.5")^3. Inside are three (3/4) yellow planes which intersect
in the center of the box and extend to the sides.
| x |
| -----
| 0 |

Here is a picture of the 3/4 plane. The "x" and "0" are holes which
will be explained. The box contains three identical blue objects which
look like half dumbbells. They will fit through the "0" hole but only
the shaft will fit into the "x" hole. The puzzle is to insert each of
the three shafts into each of the three "x" holes.

It is easy to get one in and I once got two in. But to get all three
in simultaneously seems impossible. Does anyone know whether this
puzzle can be solved and add more info on who makes it, etc?

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