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Date:     Fri, 9 Nov 90  20:13 GMT
From: RCC2%VAXB.YORK.AC.UK@mitvma.mit.edu

Hello there,

This is my first posting to the cube-lovers board, so I'm
probably gonna ask a couple of really obvious questions:

a) Does anyone know where I can get a copy of David Singmaster's
book "Notes on Rubik's magic cube?" This was THE definitive book
on the cube about 8 years ago, but I lost my copy....does anyone
know if it's still in print?? ( Oh yeah, maybe I should mention
that I'm in England...David Singmaster was a lecturer at one of
the colleges in London I think - was this book EVER published in
the states? )

b) ( This is a real obvious one... ) Does anyone have any tips or
advice on solving the 4*4*4 cube that appeared a few years after
the original 3*3*3 one. I got really close to getting it right
a couple of years ago, but never quite made it.

I have not looked at it for several years but if memory serves you need
only one extra transformation which is not applicable to the 3^3. It is
the single edge flip. I no longer recall it explicitly but it was kinda
trivial to find.

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