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This is taken (without permission) from the 31 July 1991 `Los Angeles Times.'
It reads as though it's directly from a press release. I haven't seen any of
these, nor have I called the listed phone number.

-- Rodney Hoffman



Remember Rubik's Cube, invented in 1977 by Hungarian professor of architecture
Erno Rubik? Prof. Rubik is back with four "mental fitness" puzzles and a
redesigned version of the cube.

"One of the great misunderstandings surrounding Rubik's Cube was that I was
somehow trying to drive people crazy," Rubik says. "In fact, the objective of
these puzzles is to help bring about a more alert and active mental condition."

Even if you can't solve the puzzles, according to Rubik, "the few moments
you've spent fiddling around with them has helped greatly in exercising your
mind and reducing everyday tensions."

Rubik's Tangle (suggested retail, $5.99), his first two-dimensional puzzle,
requires players to arrange 25 tiles of rope to create four continuous lines.

Rubik's XV ($6.99) is two puzzles in one. The object of the first is to
arrange Roman numerals I through XV in order by sliding levers on the puzzle's
side. In Part 2, players must create a square, lining up numbers so each
column, row and diagonal totals 15.

Rubik's Dice ($8.99) offers 82,575,360 possible combinations, with only one
correct answer. The puzzle is a hollow cube with seven plates inside. White
plates, which include red dots, are loose and can adhere to the inner sides of
the cube. By shaking and turning the dice, players solve the puzzle when no
red appears through the holes.

Rubik's Triamid ($8.99) may be tougher than the original cube. Players have to
construct a large pyramid, with each color on its own side, using 10 smaller
pyramids. Rubik says there are "hundreds of blind alleys programmed into the

All the puzzles are available nationally at game, toy and specialty stores. In
Los Angeles, you can find them at Thrifty Drugs; in Orange County, at Toy City
and PlayCo stores. Or you can order them by calling (800) 236-7123.

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