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Did you learn anything about Skewb availability or the status of
Meffert's club and company? In January, 1983, I sent Meffert a money
order for a skewb and followed up twice with letters in Fall '83 and
January '84. I never heard a thing. However, in August '83 (after Stan
Isaacs said it worked for him), I sent Meffert money for the
5-by-5-by-5, and it arrived very promptly! I would LOVE a Skewb. Have
you even seen one?

I do have a pyraminx ball and a small double pyramid. I don't recall
what stores I found those in a couple of years ago, but they were local
toy or department stores.

Doug Hofstadter usually is connected to the net, but I haven't
corresponded with him in a year and a half, and I know he's moved since
then. Isn't he visiting UMass just now? If you ever get hold of Scott
Kim, he usually knows how to reach DRH.


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