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From the 'Los Angeles Times', July 26, 1988:

So you figured out Rubik's Cube, eh? Well, get ready for
Rubik's Clock -- a puzzle the Hungarian professor says he
hasn't even solved yet, a spokeswoman for the toy company
marketing the product said Monday. But Erno Rubik's failure
has not arisen from a lack of ability, merely a lack of time
to puzzle out the secrets of Rubik's Clock, said Melanie
Bateman of Matchbox Toys Ltd. "Really, it's not because it's
impossible, he's just too busy to take the time to do it,"
she said, adding that the new toy will be launched at a major
London toy store on Saturday. What can you expect to pay for
more hours of mental anguish? About $12, Bateman said.

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