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[next] [prev] [up] From: Ronald B. Harvey <RHarvey@MIT-MULTICS >
~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: 4x4x4 solution

Amazing! I log in after working on my cube for an hour or so tonight in
order to announce my solution and I find another solution!

As previously stated, I use S to put edges into place. This is done to
totality after I have put all of the corners together.

Now comes the hard part - all of the centers. The tools that I have to work
on centers work on 4 or eight center cubies on opposite faces, plus, on
the 4-cubie swap version, two pair of edge cubies get swapped. After
having a few edges swap (these are now treated like 3x3x3 edges...),
I usually replace these so I can undo the complex conjugations more
Now that I can solve it, I going to search for tools that do finer
things, like double swaps for centers or edges without munging
the other centers or edges.

BTW, I have had the tools all weekend - it has just taken this long to
get the proper perspective in order to set up the proper conjugations...

Has anyone solved the construction problem? Is Ideal's version similar
to Plummer's design of last December? Who DID do Ideal's version?

Any truth to the rumor (that I just started) that the reason that it has
taken Ideal so long to actually start selling the things was that they
were working on a solution booklet all this time? (They DO offer one)

- Ron

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