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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: Patterns on the order 5 cube

OK, for everybody out there with the 5-cube, this is the most difficult
pattern I have come up with to implement (which is still highly ordered).

Top:	|A|A|A|A|A|

Front:	|B|C|B|C|B|	|C|A|C|A|C|	:thgiR
	|B|C|B|C|C|	|A|A|C|A|C|
	|B|C|B|B|B|	|C|C|C|A|C|
	|B|C|C|C|C|	|A|A|A|A|C|
	|B|B|B|B|B|	|C|C|C|C|C|

Where this pattern is also present on the remaining 3 sides. (This amounts
to twirling a 4-cube, a 3-cube, a 2-cube and a 1-cube around a pair of
diagonally opposite corners in alternating directions. It's not difficult
to do after you've done it a couple of times, but the potential for getting
confused is surprising.


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