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[next] [prev] [up] From: Stan Isaacs <ISAACS@SRI-KL >
~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: Cubic Curcular and Scientific American

Ole Jacobson is visiting, and he brought the new issue of David
Singmasters Cubic Circular. It is labeled Issues 3&4; neither of us
ever recieved issue 2. Did anyone else? This issue contains more anecdotes,
reports on contests, new cube products (try combining pieces from octagonal
prism-cubes and regular cubes in various ways..someone even made "Siamese
Cubes", gluing parts of 2 cubes together), some processes for the Revenge,
some information on the 5^3 (a prototype exists by 21-year-old Gaston Saint-
Pierre of Quebec; Singmaster claims 2.83E74 patterns), an analysis and
theorems about magic polyhedra in general, more pretty patterns, a magic
disc, and a table of the 73 possible orders of elements with how many
elements are in each order (average order is 122, median is 67.3, and
the order with the most elements is 60, with 4.6e18 elements or about
Also, this months Scientific American has the cube again in Hofstadters'
"Metamagical Themas", this time as an example of creativity via variations
on a theme.
Enough writing for tonight.
-- Stan

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