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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: Globe Cube

A friend of mine brought me a Spherical "Rubiks cube" with a world map on
it from Hawaii. Gotten in a clothing store (Casablanca?) on Maui, not a
puzzle place. She also got me some Hawaiian cubes - each face with one of
the islands.
There's a great proliferation of Cube (and related items) books. "Not
Another Cube Book", a 'humorous' book (not very good). A new book from
Nourse which has solutions to the barrel, the tetrahedron, the Missing Link,
and the Snake. A cube smasher. And many more. I've heard there is or will
be a book on what to do with a smashed cube. I've been thinking of trying
to cash in on this craziness and write my own. Q: What's Red and Orange and
Green and Blue and White and Yellow and lives at the bottom of the sea?
Answer: Moby Cube! Oh well. Maybe I'll stick to computers and puzzles.

--- Stan

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