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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: OMNI cubes

The current OMNI (Oct.) has mention of various "cubes" from Meffert, in
the Games section. Doesn't say much, but has nice pictures. The main one
of interest is the Megaminx, a cube-like cutting of a dodecahedron, so
each face has 5 corners, 5 edges, and one fixed center (which only rotates,
but does not move relative to the others), exactly as in the cube. Scot
Morris claims the Cube has 10^19 combinations, the Revenge has 10^48, and
that the Megaminx has 10^69. Is this correct? Meffert claims the Megaminx
is harder than the Revenge, but I would bet it is easier, in the sense
that cube moves should move over easier, and do closer to the same things
as before.
-- Stan

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