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I just got my first issue of "RUBIK'S", International Game Magazine,
subtitled "Logic & Fantasy in Space 1/82". This is a magazine published
in Hungary, Editor in Chief: Erno Rubik. "Responsible Editor": Norbert
Siklosi. It contains "The Order of Disorder", by Peter Gnadig, likening
the Cube to Entropy; a sketch of Rubik; the words to the song Mr. Rubik,
"Games and Mathematics" by Gerzson Keri, articles on competitions, clubs,
fans; on the company that manufactures the Cube, book reviews (Bosserts'
book and Singmasters "Notes"), puzzles, advertisements, and more. I haven't
finished reading all of it yet, but it seems to be an attempt at a serious
cube magazine, a little stilted because of translation from the Hungarian.
It's a quarterly, single issues are US $2.00, I guess the yearly
subscription is $8.00. The address:
Lapkiado Vallalat
Kereskedelmi Iroda

H-1906 Budapest
P.O.B. 223


The Chorus and first verse of "Mr. Rubik" (out in England, by the Barron Knights

Mr. Rubik Rubik Rubik
Is your Cube from outer space?
Mr. Rubik Rubik Rubik
He got three sides then lost his place
Mr. Rubik Rubik Rubik
He just twists your cube all day
This ain't my idea of child's play.

Being the kind of guy I am, I told him I would try
To help him solve the secrets of the cube that made him cry
Well that was thirty days ago and half a million moves
My wife's black and blue 'cos I keep dreaming she's a cube.


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