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~~~ [prev] [up] Subject: Re: megaminx; octahedron

Yes, I solved it. It didn't take much work at all - mainly deciding
which cube moves transfered well. The only really diferent moves involved
switching edges on the last face, or flipping them. Both had fairly easy
solutions. I do one face first, and then work upwards from there. There
is a 7 move sequence on the cube, which moves an edge from the upper face
to a middle edge, which transfers nicely to the Megaminx. Corners just
work, without any special algorithms. The 4 move commutator F R' F' R
moves to the Megaminx and will move corners around. Of course, none of
the slice moves work, so new edge moves are needed. We also need an
easy way to move centers, and to move stars around, to make pretty patterns.
By the way, the one two I got, and several a friend got in L.A., all had
10 colors, with red and yellow duplicated. However, last Friday I saw
ones with 12 colors (I think - they were in boxes), with dark green and
brown as the new colors. I don't know if the 10 colors are a mistake or
intentional. The presence of a duplicate edge piece makes the solution
slightly more difficult.
-- Stan

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