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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: economics

Meffert claimed in an early letter, that he could produce his strange
products (Skewb, 5x5x5, and many others) if he had some not-to-big number
of guaranteed sales, on the order, if I remember, of 1000 or so. He has
a "club", that is, we paid about $10 to him up front. Then, when he is
"ready" with something, he sends an order form; they cost about $20 or so.
So far, he has done this with the Skewb, about 5 months ago, and the 5x5x5
recently. However, we have not actually received either of these yet.
I talked to about 3 other people who ordered them and have not received
them. So we don't actually know whether this system will work. We know
he has produced real, working prototypes, though, since we have seen them.
If they ever do come, I'll put up a message here. (Assuming I still
have access to this list.)
-- Stan

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