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"Handbook of Cubik Math", by Alexander Frey and David singmaster, is
now out from Enslow Publications. Most of the contents, but not all,
are from Singmasters other opus, but this is better organized and
clearer. I have not finished it yet, so I can't give it a full review.
By the way, over the weekend I found that Meffert, inventer of the
Pyraminx Tetrahedron has also invented about TWENTY (20) other variations!
Diferent versions of Icosahedra and dodecahedra; a triangular prism, a cube
cut along the three planes that make hexagonal cross-sections, etc. I
have high hopes that they will be available in this country soon.
We need a name for this type of puzzle. Clearly, "Cube" is not
very satisfactory any more - not with spheres, tetrahedra, octahedra, etc.
"group theory puzzles" is too broad - it also includes sliding block
puzzles and others. Perhaps something like "Axial" or Axially Rotation
or some such.
David Singmaster is publishing a "Cubic Circular" (nice name) now. If
anyone wants his address, I'll be glad to supply it. He will also be
selling Mefferts puzzles, I understand.
Has anyone seen a 4x4x4 or 5x5x5 cube yet? Anynew information on
them? Does anyone know if the Masquerade clues have been published now
that the hare has been found?
The Subject of this message is out of date. Oh well.

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