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I haven't seen the Bantom book, but I will keep an eye open. Sigmasters
"Notes on Rubik's Magic Cube" is now out and available (at least in the
Bay Area), published by Enslow Publishers (Bloy St and Ramsey Ave, Box 777,
Hillside, N.J. 07205) , lists for $5.95. Seems to be EXACTLY the "Fifth
Edition Preliminary Version", as in a photo-copy, although it may have
some minor corrections and changes. There is also a solution booklet by
J.G.Nourse, published by Storc, marketed by Paul N. Weinberg, Mountain View,
Ca. And still another solution book privately printed by Kirsten Meiers.
The solutions (happily) proliferate; each book has variations, most use
non-BFUDLR notation - in many cases, just diagrams. Norse intends his
solution to be "interruptable" - that is, if you drop the cube in the middle,
or get a telephone call (or your computer beeps), you shouldn't have to start
over. Meiers is meant to be easy to do. Singmasters ( I think), is meant
to be easy to remember - mostly variations on a few basic algorithms.
It would be nice to analyse all these solutions and arrange them for
speed, ease of action, minimal twists, minimal time, better for right-handers
--- Stan

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