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[next] [prev] [up] From: Stuart McLure Cracraft <McLure@SRI-KL >
[next] ~~~ [up] Subject: Undocumented position?

I've been attempting to use the 'method' Singmaster offers in his 5th
edition pamphlet for solving my cube, and have arrived at an
undocumented position. Perhaps I'm overlooking something and a
cubeophile out there can offer an explanation of where I'm going
wrong. I have reached the position described after step 6 just before
proceeding to step 7. The bottom and top faces are one color, the
center slice cubies are corrrectly colored and the upper edge cubies
(the + pattern) are correctly oriented. Two of the upper adjacent
corners are correctly oriented but the opposite two are not. At this
point Singmaster deals with putting the rest of the U corners in their
correct slots although not orienting them correctly necessarily. If we
represent my U corners with

1	2

3	4

then the cubies want to be rearranged as follows

1 and 2 want to be exchanged

I don't see any way of getting this operation out of the cases
documented by Singmaster. What gives?

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