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Happy New Year from TeleGrafix:

Since you are an important colleague of ours in the online media
community, TeleGrafix is sending this short news release to brief you
about an important new Internet technology.

Following two years of development, TeleGrafix Communications
is giving away free communications software that allows you to use
the new RIPscrip-2 (Remote Imaging Protocol-2 scripting language)
Internet online multimedia technology.

We invite you to sample "RIP-2" multimedia on TeleGrafix's
Vector Sector BBS at (714) 379-2133. To fully experience it, please
download the "shareware" RIPterm v2.2 communications software
from the BBS. RIP-2 technical data and RIPterm v2.2 also are
available for download at http://www.telegrafix.com on the World
Wide Web. Browser "plug-ins" to permit viewing of RIP-2
multimedia on the Web are slated for release in early 1996.

RIP-2 enables you to create TV-style multimedia presentations or
electronic newspapers that fly through the Internet and ordinary
phone lines at dazzling speeds using regular modems. RIP-2 encodes
graphics as hyper-compressed ASCII text files that are as little as
one-tenth the size of other formats. It works on any computing
platform or communications network that uses 7-bit or 8-bit ASCII
text. We expect RIP-2 to quickly become an important Internet
technical standard like HTML, Java or VRML.

TeleGrafix is now accepting requests from software developers
and online system operators who want copies of the RIP-2 Internet
multimedia language specification when it is published in early 1996.
The first generation of RIP technology, introduced in 1993, is the
world's BBS graphics standard. It is used on thousands of BBS
systems, and is supported by dozens of online software vendors
including Delrina, Galacticomm, Hayes and Mustang.

If this message has reached you in error or if you are no longer
interested in RIPscrip technology, please tell us via E-mail so you
won't get additional information. We look forward to helping you,
and we wish you a Happy New Year.


Pat Clawson          Mark Hayton         Jeff Reeder
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