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Briefly, I am a old time cube fan and I am blind. I have been blind for
about 9 years now due to complications from diabetes. I recently
encountered a "Braille Or Tactile Rubik's cube" available from Japan. I
finally received my cube from there after much expense and effort but it
was worth it.

Describing the cube: it has designs on each side that can easily be
differentiated from the other. ie; circles, plus, dotted circle,
smooth, six dotsand textured side. I am now able to solve all but the
last bottom slice from memory but I would like to ask if anyone has a
xolution that I can read that would make sense to me? I wish to solve
this and then move on to the other puzzles I have read on this list
mentioned. I will have to mark them tactilly also.

Thanks for the time,

Tom Baccanti

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