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[next] [prev] [up] From: Tom Davis <CSL.JHC.DAVIS@SU-SCORE >
~~~ [prev] [up] Subject: Edge Cubie Rotation

I have been using an even shorter tool to do Kim Korner's
transformation. In the Befuddler notation, it is:

R' L B L' R D D R' L B L' R

It is much easier to do than this notation makes it seem. I
think of it as pushing a center cubie down to the bottom,
turning it off to the side, and bringing back the old top.
Then I move it around to the other side of the bottom, and
go back down to pick it up.

If you begin the transformation with RR LL instead of R' L, and
end it with RR LL instead of L' R, it does the same thing
except with no flipping of center cubies.

-- Tom Davis

PS. As in Wechler's tool, think of center-slice moves.

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