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In response to your message sent   26 July 1980 22:25 edt

You're welcome to look at the code, although it is hardly fit for
human consumption. I wrote it essentially in one sitting, and stopped
as soon as I solved the cube. There are some poorly thought out
design features, etc. Anyway, you can get it at SAIL. It is written
in PASSCAL, and is called MCUBE.PAS[1,TRD]. I scribbled in a few
comments this morning, so maybe there is enough information to
figure out how to use it. Unfortunately I am at home on a typewriter
terminal, and I refuse to try to edit without a display. Good luck.

By the way, I have never used :cube, and have no idea exactly what
it does. Is there some documentation associated with it somewhere?


    -- Tom DAvis

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