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As a first aside, I'd like to mention that a nice project was to get a
standard 3x3x3 cube into a standard American spaghetti sauce jar. Makes
a good conversation piece, though hard to scramble quickly...

Nicholas Bodley <nbodley@sunspot.tiac.net> writes:
> I'm at least as much of a gadget-hound as a puzzle-solver; I have a
>decent collection. I get a real bang out of dismantling group-theory
>puzzles to see how they're built; almost all can be disassembled, although
>(as most people probably know) the "2" (Pocket Cube) is quite hard both to
>disassemble and to reassemble. I have the Hungarian Globe, which is truly
>impossible to dismantle, IMO. (I haven't dared to scramble it!) This one
>has printed metal surfaces attached to a plastic structure; the "tiles"
>take paths like the grooves in the ball inside the "4" (R.R.).

I feel compelled to mention that there's a small company in Taiwan which
makes two variants of the Hungarian Globe that are harder. One variant
allows for a move that turns the 9 pieces on one side; the other variant
allows for the 5 pieces at every intersection to be rotated.

Let me dig out the address...

International Puzzles and Games
Fl. 3 No. 192 Chung Ching N. Rd. Sec 2
Taipei Taiwan, Republic of China
Tel: 886-2-5532575
Fax: 886-2-5536757

Wei-Hwa Huang, whuang@cco.caltech.edu, http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~whuang/
Caught Porfiry, Raskolnikov sung his swan Sonia when he went Dounia to Siberia.

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