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> ishius@holonet.net writes:
> > Yes, these are on sale for $20 plus S/H. However, I must say that as they
> > are difficult to manufacture, the mechanism is not as smooth as I would
> > prefer, the center cube faces sometimes need to be reglued, and the stickers
> > sometimes slide.
> With regard to the stickers (as far as I can tell just the orange
> side has problems) I had good luck following the suggetions that came with
> mine (written up by Christoph Bandelow). They recommend placing a piece of
> paper over the cube and ironing (not too hot). This melts the glue and the
> stickers get a better grip. I've not had any problems since.
> Dave Litwin
I believe the poster is referring to the fact that the plastic faces fall
off, revealing a screw inside, not the stickers (which are well done).
Super-glue solved my problem easily. One more thing: the mechanism gets
smoother after repeated use.

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